Update: The Banister

Today I was thinking: this blog is officially over a year old and I'm not sure I ever introduced you to my DH Jeff.

So here he is... Blog meet Jeff, Jeff meet blog.
I made him take a photo standing with his newest project, our banister. He doesn't like having his photo taken, but he didn't have a choice. Neener neener.

This is the part where I brag. My husband designed and is currently building this beautiful banister! I'm really really proud and honestly, I think I'm the luckiest girl in the world. (Oh, he also built me that little rolling garden box.)



Mr. B and Shadow are pretty excited too. They're now allowed to spend more time outside since we can trust them to not jump off the side of the deck. See how proud they are of their Papa?


Have a lovely Monday!


KarenB said...

Ah, it's beautiful Jeff! I love it. Looks complicated too. Can't wait to celebrate there in a couple weeks!

Gjskier (Kal) said...

Homestar Runner! I mean, hi Jeff, nice to meet you! Heh. :-D

KansasMarney said...

Wow, its beautiful - what a fabulous job, Jeff. Looking forward to seeing it in a couple of weeks. I love it and I'll bet it is beautiful from the street. You are awesome.

Acorn to Oak said...

What a great banister! I love the design. I like your rolling planter box too. What a great idea! :-)


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