Adventures in the Great Outdoors

We've been spending a ton of time outside lately.

First, we fixed the decaying, slanting timbers around the garden.


Next, Jeff and Joe built an awesome landing for our patio. It's so much safer now!


Today I spent some time planting veggies. I added four strawberry plants, two pepper plants, a ton of vidalia onions, basil, cucumber and three tomato plants. I hope to add more herbs maybe an additional pepper plant (we like our spice!) and possibly other veggies for some container gardening. Considering I've only spent around $32 dollars for all of these plants, they'll pay for themselves when they save me trips to the grocery store.

Have you started your garden yet?

1 comment:

KarenB said...

Nope, but I had people pulling weeds and cutting back brush on the slopes today. Then they're going to plant some ground cover to crowd the weeds out, hopefully. The landing will be good to have for the BBQ!


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