To Do List

Our house, almost one year ago!

Spring is finally knocking on the door. FINALLY! If we get one more snow storm I may go on strike. The slightly warmer weather has me itchin to start house work. Unfortunately, I'm still in college (I'm graduating in MAY!) and it's hard to find time to do school work and all the projects which still need to be completed. Honestly, I'd rather be pulling weeds than writing another political policy paper. Ehh, patience is a virtue right? Bah humbug.
In order to keep myself focused I thought I'd write a list of to-dos.

Here it goes...

To Dos:
Finish painting the woodwork in the kitchen
Finish the entire set of kitchen chairs
Make/Find curtains for the kitchen
Find and install our new front door
Power-wash the siding
Install the new railing on our patio
Replace the shutters
Rearrange the guest room
Refinish the mirror
Refinish the metal B
Weed the garden and replant
Paint the entryway
Landscape if possible
Paint the inside of the cabinets and reorganize

We still need:
1 coffee table
2 side tables
Storage for all of my music books
Artwork and accessories for EVERYWHERE
Lighting for the upstairs living room

What I really want to do this summer:
Learn to can/pickle etc.
Get some chickens
Be a successful gardener
Make most of our food from scratch
Sew curtains
Learn to quilt
Go on vacation

And this is how I feel about that......
Of course, I did it to myself.... Too bad I love it.



redmenace said...

My my my. That's quite a list! I wish you the best of luck, darling. House stuff is a pain, but so fun at the same time. We're pressure washing the roof today. I feel your pain! xo

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I love the look of your house...and btw I love fiestaware too!


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