The Hunt for the Perfect Wine Rack

So many women can't live without their chocolate or their salty potato chips. I cannot live without my wine. There is something about the beautiful labels, the variety flavors that pair so well with foods and the elegance of the bottle shapes that I just love. Honestly, I don't really collect wine. I'll get a bottle for a specific meal and then use it throughout the week for other things, like cooking or a night off. So recently, Jeff and I enrolled in a wine club through The City Wine Market. As you can tell, I'm stoked. My only issue is storage! Where can I put these bottles and store them properly?

Here are a few important aspects about wine storage (well, at least to me)

1. I don't like a cluttery counter. Of course, dirty dishes happen, but I really don't like to leave out much more than my Kitchen Aid.
2. Wine needs to be kept on its side to keep the cork moist.
3. Wine must stay out of direct sunlight. (This is why you see red wines in tinted bottles. Beer is much the same)

With these three requirements in mind, I have been wine rack shopping. First, I really hate those cluttery wood jobbies. I don't want a wine rack that looks like a tinker toy, thank-you-very-much. Secondly, I can't put a rack on the wall where the bottles stand out towards you. We need all the floor space possible and sticking bottles out where dogs may roam is just asking for a disaster. Third, gaudy, spirally, kitschy, crap is just not my thang. No offense if you really enjoy fake metal grape vines and butler statues, but I just can't do it in good conscience. Man, I sound whiny and demanding! So the hunt is on. The top two photos are definite contenders but I'm going to continue my search. I do have a handy dandy husband, but I might just be outta luck there. We'll see!
Any thoughts?

Hope you have an amazing Friday!
Hearts, Lauren


Christina of Form V Artisan said...

Ever try portuguese wines? Tinto D'Anfora is my favourite!

Lauren said...

I haven't actually! I usually stay with South American or Southern Italian wines. No idea why... Thanks for the suggestion!


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