The Making of a Dinner Party

Julia Child and Louisette Bertholle

Friday night my husband and I are having a few friends over for dinner. So today I pulled out my arsenal of cookbooks, my favorite food blogs, the film Julie and Julia and started to plan out the menu. Of course I was swayed by the delicious butter soaked recipes of Julia Child. Who can resist it? Not me. I have decided to make some spiced almonds and artichokes with hollandaise sauce for an appetizer, boeuf bourguignon (essentially an upscale beef stew) and roasted potatoes for the entree and I'm still up in the air about dessert. I sound like I'm completely replicating Julie and Julia. Oh well! I may end up adding my baked brie standby for an additional appetizer. Who knows. There are also a couple of wine choices, a beautiful bordeaux and another bottle of cabernet sauvignon I've never tried before. I believe the label is called The Middle Sister. Hope it'll pair well!

Paul and Julia Child

As for the table settings.... Well, I don't have any idea. I'm not even sure that I have six matching place mats. You know I'll work with it. I'm a really good faker. I'm just happy to have 6 chairs for people to sit on. I was kind of worried that I'd have to bring out the two ugly canvas camping chairs! Ick. I'm sure they smell like moldy leaves. Not so appetizing with dinner.

I hope you're having a great hump day and that somewhere you are nice and warm. It snowed again last night and I'm about ready to move in with my parents in California. Wouldn't that be awesome........

Happy Wednesday! Ciao


KarenB said...

Well, will Jeffrey be joining you? If you cook like that, come on over. I think after that dinner you might ought to go light for dessert. Just saying. Something fruity maybe. Take pictures, I can't wait to hear how it goes. XOXO

Lauren said...

I'll be your personal chef it it means 70 degree weather.


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