Random Confession

Here: Decor8

Okay, here's a random random confession. I love those giant spools that usually hold huge cables. I sometimes see them on construction sites just sitting around and wonder if the workers would miss it if it randomly found a home in my living room. Is that stupid? Look at that photo though! It makes such a cool side table! They also have different sizes, widths and heights, perfect for a coffee table or whatever you want. So really, I want one. Is it a felony to take cable spools? Ha. Anyway, if you know how to legally acquire one I'd love to know how. Oh, and I'd be your new BFF.


KarenB said...

Aren't you married to a "cable" guy? Do they have cable spools? Maybe ask for one on Freecycle.

Lauren said...

I think their cables come on smaller plastic spools. They don't carry them in that large of quantity. Something like that would be used by a city contractor. I think.


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