My "New" Chairs

So, I'm trying to come up with something witty and awesome to say about old oak library chairs, something that would make you laugh. Of course that just isn't happening, so here you are! I found two chairs at the Renew Restore shop here in Lawrence. They are, at least I believe they are, chairs from one of the libraries on the KU campus. The wood was really cool, but I just can't resist resurfacing anything that will soak up paint.

For these chairs I used Glidden's Mustard Seed in a semi-gloss. In real life they are the perfect shade of mustard gold up against the gray wall. I must take a moment to comment on the quality of Glidden paint...

I'm sure someone out there in the blog world can tell me they've experienced quite the opposite, but in a way I felt like this paint was almost as thin as water.
You can tell in this photo if you look real closely. The paint consistency reminded me of white wash. Thin thin thin! This photo was taken after a coat of primer and two coats of paint. It looks like I may be adding a third coat. Sort of frustrating if you ask me.
Either way, I like the shade of this paint so I am pleased with the end result.

Happy Tuesday!


KarenB said...

It looks pretty!

cynniegurl said...

i am so in love with all things mustard right now!


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