Dear 2011:

Dear 2011:
First of all, I would like to comment on how happy I am that 2010 is over. While it packed many many changes, it created quite a few challenges towards the end. So this is what I want to ask of you: First, I would like to graduate with a bang. It's taken me a long time to get this degree and I want to get the GPA I know I deserve. Second, I hope I get a really awesome job. Not to be unrealistic, but it would be great to make enough money to pay a good chunk of my loans off. Third, could I please have a new bathroom and painted woodwork? That would be awfully nice of you. I guess if I am already writing you I should mention that I'd like to lose some weight and maybe go on a road trip with my husband. For all of these things I promise I will not take you for granted and that I'll try to make the most of every day. 2010 taught me a lot about myself, the real estate market, the fickleness of employment and the joys of home ownership. I'm excited what you'll teach me 2011. Maybe this will be the best year yet. At least one can hope.

Yours Truly,

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