Adventures in Cooking

This last weekend was the weekend of experimenting. Last week, Jeff and I happened upon some marked down brie cheese. It was so super cheap that we just picked some up without having any plan for it other than it needed to go REAL quick. So I spent some time researching flavors that work well with brie and came up with a couple ideas.

1st) A brie and carmelized onion pizza flavored with chardonnay, garlic and rosemary
2nd) A burger made with melty cheese, herbes de provence, onions carmelized with apple juice and sauteed granny smith slices, all on a ciabatta roll. (I also used this recipe as a side dish)

So this is my idea for the next week. I'm going to pick up an ingredient and build the recipe around it. If leeks strike my fancy, then I will find a way to use them. Same with butternut squash and the pork belly I just bought. Not only does this force me to learn how to use new ingredients and discover new flavor combinations, but it keeps cooking interesting and fresh!

Want to try this too? Try these different resources.

If you have any favorites feel free to share.
Happy Monday!

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KarenB said...

Make sure and take pictures! YUM!


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