THE FLOOR IS DONE!!!! Look! You can see that we stuck the stove back into the kitchen! I got to boil water tonight, it was so fantastic.. Anyway! The floor turned out beautifully. It looks even better with the paint color. Honestly, I think we're both ecstatic with the way its coming along. Currently we are getting ready to refinish all of the cabinet fronts so that's why our kitchen looks that way. Take a look!

Jeff with his hard work

The Tile

I'm just throwing this one in for kicks. It's pretty cute.

I promise once I get more of the paint and woodwork done I'll take a photo with it all together. These photos don't even do the tile justice; I promise. Expect the paint color reveal by the weekend! (I hope)

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KarenB said...

Yay! It looks awesome! Great job Jeffrey. I think you found a hobby. ;-)


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