My "New" Piano

Remember last week's Trend Thursday? Take a look at this!

A gracious family gave us their upright. They believed it was over 100 years old, (which was confirmed by a hidden piece of paper denoting its day of inspection), and that it may have been used in a bar at some point. I'm thinking it may have been a speakeasy or something similar due to the glass panel in the front and the era of the piano. Usually something like a glass window or open front was there to increase the entertainment value and the volume of the instrument.

My goal is to refinish it to its former glory. Whether or not that includes stripping the paint off and keeping the wood finish, or repainting it white, I have no idea. It definitely needs some TLC, but someday it will be beautiful.

I love Craigslist


maggie grace said...

oh my god that is the most gorgeous free piano i've ever seen!

KarenB said...



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