Kitchen Renovation: Day One

Saturday Jeff and our friend Joe started ripping apart the kitchen in preparation for our new counters and tile. The floor was covered in two layers of "beautiful" linoleum.

After ripping the floor down to the joists the boys took off the back splash tile and the countertops. Luckily this was a pretty easy step for them.

Look at the totally gorgeous linoleum. Puke!

Jeff is currently rewiring most, if not all, the top floors electrical outlets and lights. Hopefully he'll be able to get it all done before we have to close up the kitchen floor again. All I know is that the house is a mess and my appliances are in the living room. The dogs are not into the chaos at all, except Shadow has started to think that the wood bits are tasty. Nothing like digging foreign objects out of a dogs' mouth.

More photos to come!

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