Trend Thursday: Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back in a huge way. Of course, for many this is still a frightening venture. I mean, I could never hang it myself. I've seen my mom do it, but that was in the 80s and man, that was a long time ago. I was also a kid and I didn't really care about it. My new favorite e-store to browse is Second Hand Rose. Look at these patterns! They specialize in retro prints and some of them are still so relevant.

I actually made the last one my computer backdrop. Shhh don't tell. Anyway, if wallpaper is still scary, why not try a modern stencil! They've come a long way since the roosters and flowers of the 80s. But really, stencils are a lot easier to get rid of if you quickly tire of things, and it's more likely to be easier for those of us who are wallpaper challenged. Either way, it's a beautiful way to add color and pattern to your interiors. Check out the Apartment Therapy archives to learn how to modernize the wallpaper trend.

Happy Thursday!

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