So Sorry

Hey guys. I again must apologize for the lack of updates. First, it has been raining like crazy and we have not been able to completely finish the top of the garage. Second, the first chandelier is painted but not hung, so no new photos. Just know that it's fantastic like I thought (duh!! teehee). Thirdly, my last midterm is kicking my hiney and I've spent hours trying to prep. I'm still feeling shaky about it too. Such is life. Anyway. We may have an announcement coming up. No I am not pregnant, not that that is a question anyway. We'll see though. I do not want to get my hopes up, and I most definitely do not want to get yours up. Of course, as I'm fully aware I only have 14 followers, oh, 15 if you count my anonymous mother-in-law. So I'm sure that any announcement wouldn't be that big of a deal anyway. Okay, I'm completely done.

So while I'm spending my day with a pile of books and a stack of notes a mile high, take time to enjoy your tuesday! If I sound glum today I'm really sorry! I'd just rather be blogging than reading about political ontology. Gross.

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