(Make Up) Trend Thursday: High Gloss Paint

Yes, I know it's not thursday. I'm quite aware that it's monday, mostly because this monday is the definition of all mondays. High gloss paint just gets me so excited that I couldn't wait and I knew I owed yah one. So here it is!
High gloss has suddenly become popular and I totally get why. It's pretty freaking awesome. I especially like it in dark hues mostly because it brightens and reflects light counteracting a potential cave-like affect. I'm already planning on using this in our house even if Jeff objects (love you babe!). Our bathroom is screaming for a dark blue/teal color and in high gloss. It's a small place and a little drama can go a long way! What do you think about this trend? Is it worth the risk?

1 comment:

KarenB said...

Somewhere I saw a gorgeous high gloss ceiling that I could never find again. It was so beautiful! I think you should go for it, especially in a bathroom, where you need more gloss anyway (for cleaning).


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