The Deck Project: Part... 10000

Looks like we may be done sealing our deck! Well, we hope. At least it's no longer smurf blue. The great thing is that so far we have had zero leaks which means we may be able to finally organize the garage. The problem may lay in the color of the deck. It ended up being almost a dead match for the siding on the house, which isn't bad except that it reflects like mad. I won't have any problems getting a sunburn out there!

Here is a close up of the paint. It has sand granules in it to help with traction.

This is our first fall in the house and we have a ton of trees! We ended up putting around 5 lawn bags full of leaves. Oddly enough though, someone took them for some reason. Maybe to compost? I can't really figure it out.
Happy Tuesday!


KarenB said...

Looks like you're reliving your childhood. At least there aren't any apples to pick up. ;-) So, it wasn't even recycle day and somebody took your leaves? Strange.

Lauren said...

I totally thought about those apples on that day. I still hate it today as much as I did then. Yeah, I have no idea why someone took our leaves. Recycle day is tomorrow morning and they also take yard bags on monday. We did this all day on sunday. So weird.


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