Have you ever had a weekend that really wasn't a weekend? I totally did. My family and I moved my grandparents out to live with my Uncle. We accomplished a lot and I'm sure we're all exhausted. Anyway, I took a few photos I thought I'd share. I'll post a real entry later, I promise.

First.. My dog, Mr. B. I probably should just introduce him as my son.

My family on our only road stop during our 3 hour drive. My grandparents sure love their McDonalds!

One of the staircases in my grandparents "new" home. It is a 3000 sq ft home built around 1900. This staircase led to a gigantic attic which held a resident bat. My aunt and I definitely were startled when it started flying at our heads. (I secretly kind of loved that experience)

Later on I will post photos of the chairs and mantel. They're about finished! Finally....I know.

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