By George! I Think I've Got It!!

Yeah, I know... Cheesy title for today's blog. OH WELL! Anyway... I just wanted to share a photo of a recent fabric purchase. I've been concerned with my color choices being to repetitive so I went to JoAnns and found my "pop" fabric. I decided to bring in a bit of yellow. This photo, again, doesn't do it justice. It is very gold in tone, almost like a muted rain slicker. Maybe a light ochre?? I'm stoked to use it in the room and to find other textures and tones to go with it. Yay!


KarenB said...

Didn't you already have some yellow in your accessories? This will pull it out great. I guess I thought that was already part of your color palette. I'm interested to see what you do with it. ;-)

Lauren said...

it wasn't officially, I just had the sailor man.


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