A Few of My Favorite Things

Recently I rented The Sound of Music from Netflicks. I always loved that film growing up, especially the songs. It really made me think about my favorite things, so I thought I'd write them all down! So here I am, I'm starting a tag post, hopefully someone else will participate. If you do, link it to me!! I want to read them! Here we go

A Few of My Favorite Things

Finding treasures in a thrift store
Rainbow Jimmies (sprinkles if you've never lived on the east coast)
Stone-ground mustard
Full skirts
Bulky yarn in beautiful colors
Sarah's fabrics here in Lawrence KS
Magazines (my mother's fault)
Funny animal videos like this one
Farmers markets
Political manifestos and philosophy essays
Antique shopping

Feel free to participate whether or not you've been tagged!


naomi megan. said...

thanks so much for the tag! i also love the sound of music. i need to watch that again soon... been too long. have a great week!

TheEverDazzling said...

I've not forgotten you I promise! Thanks for the tag, my post will be coming later in the week!


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