The House Guest and the Home

This last week and a half has been extremely busy. We've been entertaining family members and throwing parties, eating great food and talking for hours.

Needless to say, we've been busy! This experience has made me think about what it takes to be a good hostess, especially when it comes to a comfortable guest room. Do you have enough clean towels? Is the bed soft enough? Is there enough reading light in the room? Is the decor too busy and distracting? These are all important factors to having a comfortable home. This article gives suggestions for having a great guest room. Take them into consideration!!! A happy guest is a happy host!

I also thought I'd post a few photos from the last week or so. I'm hoping my sister-in-law, the photographer, doesn't mind!

My littlest cousin Makayla and my doting dog Mr. B

My Sister-in-law lighting the cake I made for my Grandmother-in-law's 70th birthday

Some of my HUGE in-law family, and my dog's hiney

The cutest photo ever of my Father-in-law and Niece

It's been a great week! Lots of happy times and good memories. Now it's back to reality.

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