Birthday Stop

My ____th birthday was last week, and though this is mildly irrelevant to the purpose of this blog, I thought I'd share what I gave myself this year. (Oh, and no I will not tell you how old I turned. Only my mother will know this coveted secret).

Before: ('scus my crazy face)

After: (I guess I like making crazy faces)

I chopped at least 4 inches off my hair. I have to thank Kansas humidity for this honestly. I hated how much it was making me sweat! Gross I know. So happy birthday to me! I freed my neck! Thanks to Teri at the Green Room in Lawrence KS!


KarenB said...

And your Dad, sister, Grandma, Grandpa, husband. . .

Lauren said...


3ate4 said...

Very brave if you did it yourself!


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