Small Updates

Yesterday Jeff spent the day scrubbing this patio as many of you know. The color difference is astounding! Today he is filling in cracks and resurfacing the entire thing...

So we can get rid of spots like this!
I have officially started the living room project. Jeff tore off the awful warped mantel and helped me remove that brass glass door. I scrubbed it and sanded it down tonight, tomorrow I hope to prime and maybe start to paint. Oh! I picked the color to the left, top row. It was a more subdued version of the bottom color, and honestly, as much as I loved that bottom color, it scared me a bit. I don't want my house to look like a cartoon, and that color was.... cartoony

I also will have to spend some time filling in the holes around the brick! Look at that space! No wonder we have spiders all over the place.

You can kind of see the outside in this picture. There is an obvious gap here and you can see through the wall. I'm ready to fill that in for sure.

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KarenB said...

Looks pretty! Are you painting just one wall or the entire room? Nasty holes!


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