Yesterday we received a 10% off coupon for West Elm. I know that doesn't sound like much, but that company seems to rarely send out any kind of coupon and their stuff is just a little too expensive for us. I'm pretty tempted to use it honestly. So here are some options. We need a rug for the living room. I'm not sure of the wall color yet, but we're looking for brown leather chairs and I will be slip covering a huge blue couch I have. The hall color (which runs into the living room as the fourth wall) is a very cool, very light gray. In fact it's almost white. Help me choose a rug, or at least dream of a rug. (love you Jeff!)

This last one is my favorite, but I'm a little scared that the off white may fight with the pure white curtains I've already purchased. The first rug also comes in a light blue, but I'm still undecided on the wall color. See my dilemma???

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