Color Color Color!

This weekend I plan on tackling the living room. Our plan is to paint the fireplace white (I know, it's a sin to paint brick but I don't care), then to paint the same wall a strong color. The other walls will be a very pale gray, almost white, and the furniture will all be neutral in tone. I really want some strong contrast! Like in these photos

My fear is that I will overwhelm the space, so finding the perfect balance may be a challenge. While both of these photos are completely different, they have one commonality; strength in color with a balance in furniture and accessories. I honestly prefer the first photo for it's simplicity so I feel like that will be the way I'll lean. We'll see.

Which of the colors on my wall do you prefer?

Wait! One more photo!

p.s- all of these photos come from apartmenttherapy.com


TheEverDazzling said...

The second photo... with the darker blue/green and all the photos on the wall. Win! Looks great with the bright white.
All the best for decision making!

KarenB said...

Okay, now I answered my own question. Glad you're only painting the fireplace wall.


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