Almost there!

So I pretty much have the blue wall done! I just need to peel off the tape after it dries and do any touch ups. Here is a preview...

I do want to add that this photo's lighting is not that great. I took this mid afternoon and thats when the sun is on the other side of the house. Once we have a mantel I'll post a better photo. This color is called Covington Blue. The shade is by Benjamin Moore, but I hated the consistency of the testers paint so I had it color matched at Home Depot in the Behr formula.

This photo is probably a truer representation of the color. Shadow was a good helper by the way.

I really want to get a bunch of these for the living room. They're pretty cool. Apparently I inherited my mothers love for pretty junk. Oops.


maggie grace said...

home depot ftw!

Lauren said...

home depot steals all my money.

KarenB said...

Tee hee. I'm guilty. Now we have another place to put pretty junk in. ;-) BTW, I love the blue and the white brick. Does Jeff?

Lauren said...

Yeah Jeff likes it. I think he's dreaming of building the mantel. I'm dreaming of what I'm going to put on it. (insert evil mischievous laugh)


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