Well well well

The sign is in the yard! The offer has been made. The ball has started rolling. Either way, we have realized that we need to save a lot for closing costs since we have only maybe half of the required amount.. So I've started planning, I'm going to do some things that we should have done a long time ago..

Such as:

Make lunches
Eat more in season produce like squash, carrots, beans, apples, potatoes, etc.
Coupon clipping
Eat out less, and go out less
Shopping is out of the question
No more magazines
Homemade coffee drinks, no more Starbucks or Henry's

From now on the fun things we do will be, watching movies at home, making popcorn on the stove, and reading. I have a lot of homework coming up anyway, so doing too much is out of the question. So for the next month or two I will be concentrating on school, work, and cheap meals.. Sounds fun!!

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