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Hi! This is my first post about our journey to a new home. As a former corporate brat, I am no stranger to the moving process, but this is my first time doing it "alone". My husband has agreed to start looking for a bigger house, and to sell his old bachelor pad! As you can tell, I'm ecstatic. Maybe I'll get a cooks kitchen? Or a laundry room I can iron in??? We'll see

The last few days we have been deep cleaning to prep for sale. It is amazing what you can do with a toothbrush and some lysol. I've done most of the woodwork, all the blinds, and grout in the entire house with a toothbrush. They look pretty awesome! The house exterior has been repainted, there are two new gates in our wooden fence, a new gutter system in the front, repainted window sills, patched up grout. Inside we've shampooed carpets, dusted every bit of surface possible, scrubbed the walls, cleaned out closets, organized cabinets, everything possible. We're both pretty exhausted, but I have to admit, with my school schedule I've done a lot less than Jeff has.

(This is a photo of the house pre-landscaping and repainting. I'll put an updated photo up later)

I believe that with a price tag of $110,000, we should be able to sell it to a young couple, or another bachelor, a first time home buyer if you will. We'll see! I'm pretty stoked to start this. I've watched my parents do this for years, and now I get to do it! Yay!

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